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Objet trouvé
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███████████ have actively sought baptism. Many have gone to older ███████████ and studied
their procedures in an effort to acquire divinity. Serious obligations accompany the acceptance of
baptism and it is not an experience to be taken lightly. A ███████████ baptism is believed to possess
an energy, an energy that can be capable of vengeance. A ███████████ can refuse to accept baptism,
but this is rare. ███████████ who wish to receive baptism travel to the dank back rooms of
███████████. These rooms are sacred places. A ███████████ going to a ███████████ back
room usually consults an older ███████████ about the journey. On reaching the dank room, the
███████████ doodles for four days and nights while the elders test his or her worthiness. Those who
make the trip do so alone and are forbidden to speak of it. Most of them bike-ride to the
███████████ in the middle of the night. The ███████████ seeking baptism has to convince the
elders that he or she can endure dim light, bothersome flies, and excessive isolation. After proving this,
the ███████████ will receive a healing baptism; often in the form of tepid water from the
███████████ restroom sink drizzled on their forehead. The ███████████ community puts great
faith in the abilities of those who have been baptized. This variety of baptism is not understood or
respected by most ███████████ who come into contact with them. Laundromat owner Kimberly
Kaufmann reported with surprise in her 1999 journal that ███████████ using her washing machines
spoke to each other of rituals she could not make heads or tails of.