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Welcome to Clown World
« on: September 27, 2019, 08:25:07 pm »
Articles, videos, news stories so ridiculous they could only exist in a world gone mad

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Tom Brady's popularity tied to rise in 'white rage and white supremacy,' professor says

This guy Kyle Kusz(a kinesiology professor at the University of Rhode Island), published a book  “Making American White Men Great Again: Tom Brady, Donald Trump, and the Allure of White Male Omnipotence in Post-Obama America." (just rolls off your tongue doesn't it lol)

Heres the commercial in question. The author thinks it looks like something out of "Triumph of the will"(!)


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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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More classic Dem projection:


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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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The alphabet people want Pennywise the clown cancelled

"In the aftermath of 2017’s It, Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise the Dancing Clown became something of a gay icon. Between memes and makeup tutorials, Pennywise was everywhere — he and another monstrous LGBTQ+ favorite, the Babadook, were seen as #couplegoals. But after seeing It Chapter Two, I’m sad to announce that Pennywise is not gay, or even an ally. In fact, Pennywise is surprisingly anti-queer."
"The killer clown isn’t content to just threaten Richie with violence. Instead, he reveals that he knows Richie’s secret, his “dirty little secret.” He doesn’t just say it, he sings it — the song even appears on the album’s soundtrack (coming for all the pop girls’ necks, I see). So Pennywise isn’t just the physical manifestation of what is revealed to be some kind of cosmic entity that feeds off fear and human flesh, he’s a homophobe. Trump’s America strikes again!"

Shouldn't they be applauding Pennywises all-inclusive attitude towards mass murder? You just cant win


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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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Lol, so Penywise represents Trump now?

Better tell Stephen King, assmuch, libitarded ideologue that he is...

"Using his verified Twitter account, horror novelist Stephen King singled out the Tea Party for a lecture about Christianity as it pertains to the ongoing crisis at the Mexican border. “Revised Tea Party Gospel,” King wrote in one tweet, “‘Suffer the little children come unto me. Unless they’re undocumented kids from Central America.'”

As of now, though, despite his vast wealth and land holdings, there are no reports of King offering to personally care for or allow any Central American border kids to take refuge in or on his property.

According to Celebrity Detective, King owns a $9 million home in Florida with plenty of adjoining land. As of now there are no reports of King offering any of his 6,817 square foot home or the land as a refuge for Central American border children:

King also owns a sizable home in Maine. As of now there are no reports that King has offered this home as a refuge for Central American border children.

Apparently King’s faith centers around the idea that he’s somehow superior to those unwilling to do what he’s unwilling to do."

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I actually saw this ad on TV today but for some reason still dont believe its real. Ironically the Cheney/Ginsberg pieces are technically more alive than the real deals. Limit 1/household but up to 3 with the promo code.


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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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Yes I would buy that chess set - empty Dem podiums and all, lol! ;D


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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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Our next generation of (God HELP us all!) moolennial voters:


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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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Mississauga man owes $800K in medical bills after travel insurance claim denied

" MacAuley is 68 years old and on a pension. He says he can’t afford to pay the bill.

“I'm not going to freak out because I don't have it. I have three fender guitars and about 1000 videos. They can take them if they want I don't care.""

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"Lost my mother to a bike" lol Churchills spinning in his grave

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Kebab shop owner who was suspected of disposing of schoolgirl Charlene Downes' body reveals he doesn't care 'whether she's alive or dead' in a shocking new documentary

"Police believe that Charlene was murdered and cut up before being served as kebab meat after being lured into a gang and groomed for sex.

Although suspects Reveshi and Iyad Albattikhi stood trial at Preston Crown Court, the jury failed to reach a verdict and a retrial was dropped due to lack of evidence.

When asked if he knew anything about Charlene's disappearance on the shocking show, Reveshi replied: 'I don't have any clue about what you're talking about.

'I don't care whether she's alive or dead. I couldn't give a toss to be honest.'

"In addition to reporting hate crime, please report non-crime hate incidents, which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing. Hate will not be tolerated in South Yorkshire. Report it and put a stop to it #HateHurtsSY"

Good to see UK cops have their priorities in order


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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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Re: Welcome to Clown World
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I usually dont cut and paste giant walls of text but Clyde Lewis did a show on the Joker movie/Clown world and this excerpt from his nightly essay about sums it up

"We appear to be living in a clown world. Men are turning themselves into women, women are turning themselves into men, and brainwashed kids, god bless ‘em, don’t know what to turn themselves into. Meanwhile, small-souled bugmen are protesting outside McDonald’s for Szechuan sauce because of a cartoon, and deranged Social Justice Warriors can’t pull their eyes away from Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

The media is either a mouthpiece for fraudulent government or the resistance that was created through witch hunts and lies. Well, after at least two witch hunts, they now have their witch – it should be witches but of course, we still need to hear about the tied to corruption of Joe Biden but it won’t happen because the clowns are in control.

Faceless corporations are pretending to be social justice revolutionaries while at the same time warping the capitalist system out of all functional recognition for their own gains. Governments and the media are no longer even trying to hide their support for cultural Marxist policies, and as community spirit across the West continues to disintegrate, more pea-brains take to social media to shout at each other and drive culture deeper into the gutter.

Once-great Western cities have been reduced to barren corporate wastelands populated by millions of atomized, cultureless, and basically useless consumers roaming shopping malls, filling sports arenas and sitting glued to their Netflix-enabled 75” 4K TVs as they chow down on mystery foodstuffs.

You can see Clown World everywhere and it is very real. Michael Ingmire, a musician, and writer made a decent list as to how he sees the clownish world – the very world that the Joker is placed in – the very world where he cracks up.

'Clown World, where the common core dumbing down of society has successfully rebranded communism as climate change.

Clown World, where ignorance is embraced and everyone is considered a genius.

Clown World, where the new green-with-envy utopia controls all the earth’s natural resources and everything humans are allowed to do including eating meat.

Clown World, where cow farts pose an imminent danger to the planet.

Clown World, where radical jihadists are elected to serve in Congress and write laws that silence the truth.

Clown World, where even the insipidly stupid can be elected to Congress.

Clown World, where we have invisible borders and wonder why there is a terrorist problem.

Clown World, where rich politicians vote themselves pay raises for doing nothing.

Clown World where a well known gay black actor fakes an attack and gets away with it.

Clown World, where anger laden young clown fascists beat journalists in the streets and the police do nothing.

Clown World, where the Clown Justice Department is co-opted by a political agenda and the Fourth Amendment is an arcane memory.

Clown World, where American Veterans live homeless in streets filled with human waste and used hypodermic needles.

Clown World, where Congressional leadership pursue the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd and not much else.

Clown World, where the mediocre is actively embraced at every turn and truly noble and talented citizens are treated as clowns.

Clown World, where Democrat Presidential candidates actively demonstrate how truly clownish they can be in order to somehow beat another clown in some clownish impeachment coup.

Clown World, where innocent babies are killed in an arbitrary manner by cruel clowns.

Clown world where you refuse to identify your kids by gender.

Clown World where Drag Queen clowns read to kids at the library.

Clown World, where the truth is treated as a virus.

Clown World, where there is a war for the control of our minds by clowns.'

The biggest hot spot for clown world is the internet.

The internet has people living in something akin to a permanent state of road rage as they desperately try to fill the emptiness in their lives by becoming hysterical over events that have little to no impact on them.

Take a young girl with autism send her on a yacht worth hundreds of thousands of dollars – send her to the location in a gas guzzling limousine to the United Nations. Shove a microphone and a script in her hand. Tell her to show anger and emotional angst – have her scold people including other politicians, blaming her elders for their insufficient work on reversing climate change, and there you have it – an impenetrable spokesperson that because of her age, she is said to be honest and pure.

It would be unwise to criticize her because of her age – she is allowed to bad mouth everyone because of her politics and yes my friends – this is a great example of how clown world is here.

Where else but in clown world can a highly paid 16 year old yell at the world and tell them that they ruined he dreams when she is sailing on a Yacht and shaking hands with dignitaries.

Where else but in Clown world can a lunatic get past security at a climate change rally hosted by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and present the odd notion that in order to stop Climate change we have to start easting babies. Cortez just listened not at all phased by it until someone was realizing that this was either a troll or an insane person who has lost their minds over the alleged 12 year expiration date of the world – yet again, that too is a clown world gaslighting that kids are now terrified of.

Momo was a token or meme magic meant to scare kids into suicide – her face was that of a billeken clown a wide smile of a demon and a representational the evil painted lady a carnival oddity of the plague years.

I know that my obsession with this pale faced clown witch got me in hot water but now we know that suicide rate in kids are going up and allegedly climate change is to blame – maybe it is because the end of the world pitch in the apocalypse is gas lighting children. These are the very children that an angry and frightened 16 year old girl with autism represents – does anyone have the decency to point out that this is a circus meant to gaslight people into being clowns?

The clowns are winning and we are allowing them to take over. "