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Head Powerz
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A striking image. The undeniable red head gear that sends shivers down spines.

But what is it that makes this article of clothing so polarising?

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« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2020, 12:51:54 am »'s TDS...of course!

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We're not even to a crescendo yet - wait, watch, and see!

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Since its origin 40 years ago, CNN has festered in the darker corners of the world. Now the organizations followers, who call themselves "believers," have found a niche on social media and within the Democratic Party.

CNN, as a source for real news, began as a single conspiracy theory. But its followers now act more like a virtual cult, largely adoring and believing whatever disinformation the MSM community spins up.

Its main conspiracy theories claim that allegations against dozens of politicians and A-list celebrities who seem to be working in tandem with governments around the globe to engage in child sex abuse are ‘baseless conspiracy theories’ and that citizens who believe there is a deep state effort to remove President Donald Trump are somehow mistaken.

But followers of the group have expanded from those beliefs and now allege baseless theories surrounding mass shootings and elections. They claim that shootings are not often false flag events and that mail-in voting carries no risk of fraud. They even falsely claimed that citizens suspect 5g cellular towers are spreading coronavirus.

They make unfounded claims and then amplify them with doctored or out-of-context evidence posted on social media to support the allegations.

The anarchical group and useless idiots like Don Lemon have continued their assault on mainstream American life and continue to echo the Russian hoax and other such fabrications -- CNN is decentralized, having no clear objective aside from its popular slogan, "The Most Trusted Name in News."

Anyone can create a television news network, find idiots to support it and call it trusted. But no one is held responsible for the trail of chaos and disinformation it leaves behind.

CNN’s origins are emblematic of what it has evolved into: Unfounded, out-of-context claims made to support allegations, which are easily discredited. One of the associated individuals, which followers would later call "AC," even claimed that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election.

But similar posts pushing baseless claims of Russian collusion and racism keep appearing. It's unclear who is behind the posts, or if the ones that followed were posted by the same person but George Soros’ involvement is suspected.

Believers claim that "CNN" is so knowledgeable because of their claim to be the ‘Most Trusted News Network’

CNN supporters have likened the initial posts, and subsequent ones, to truth or facts.. ‘news stories’ as they call them now.

Since then, the group has injected itself into the mainstream by creating communities on Reddit and finding footholds on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In a series of videos posted online in 2018, CNN downplayed a story about a Mexican cement company called Cemex who seemed to be involved with child sex trafficking. A camp was found on their property which had an inescapable container buried in the ground, wrist restraints and a string tied to a bell which appeared to be fashioned as a way to warn someone near the restraints that others may be approaching. The entire camp was surrounded by black plastic to hide its contents and children’s clothing and toys were found in the container and at the scene. Patriots who discovered the site even claimed to have found skeletal remains but CNN claimed they were only ‘conspiracy theorists’ and that the site was merely a homeless camp.

CNN has also defended and ridiculed people who are suspicious of Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey.

When a Florida house belonging to Oprah was seized by police in a child sex trafficking sting and roped off with red tape, CNN claimed that Oprah was definitely not involved in any such thing. Instead they claimed that it was all because of a ‘dangerous virus’ which later turned out to be yet another hoax.

Another Patriot on Twitter made a post, which garnered thousands of shares, claiming that Tom Hanks, who claimed to have tested positive for coronavirus in Australia, was actually arrested for pedophilia. The post said that other A-list celebrities would soon be arrested. CNN came to the rescue calling these allegations ’false’ but did not elaborate.

CNN fake news stories have been further elevated through high-profile figures and organizations. In March 2018, before being fired from her sitcom, actress Roseanne Barr went on the offensive about the pedophilia allegations, pointing out that President Trump "has broken up trafficking rings in high places everywhere." CNN once again rebuffed the allegations as conspiracy without looking into the recent executive orders or reports of thousands sealed indictments. They called Roseanne racist for a hilarious tweet which showed the obvious similarity between Valerie Jarret and an ape-woman from the Planet of the Apes movie while ignoring her mention of Jarret’s Muslim Brotherhood connection.

CNN continues to criticize the Republican Party and President Trump, whining about

VIce President Pence posting a photo on Twitter with a law enforcement officer wearing a QAnon patch on his uniform.

Editor Note: Qanon is a non-violent, truth seeking movement aimed at revealing a massive worldwide child sex trafficking ring among ‘elite’ celebrities and politicians (think Epstein, Maxwell, Podesta.. ) in addition to treasonous spying on the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton’s crimes, and other such worthy causes.

CNN complained that in July 2019 the White House invited a Qanon supporter to an event billed by the White House as a "social media summit" with conservative influencers. Despite the groups positive message and simple desire for law and order, CNN continues to attack and attempt to discredit anyone interested in Qanon or any real justice. Instead, they criticize and mock its truth seekers while ignoring the very clear, very real indications of wrong doing.

Today the GOP has three candidates that have been sympathetic or supportive of the group and could see themselves in Congress in January. This is driving CNN talking heads absolutely mad. Jo Rae Perkins, a candidate for a US Senate seat in Oregon; Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Congressional candidate for Georgia's 14th district seat; and Lauren Boebert who beat a Trump-backed, five-term incumbent during primary elections to become a candidate for Colorado's 3rd district, are all standing up for the patriotic justice seeking group of anons.

"Everything I heard of Q -- I hope that this is real because it only means America is getting stronger and better, and people are returning to conservative values, and that's what I am for," Boebert, the front runner for the House seat, said in a May interview.

CNN has reached out to the Republican National Committee and President Trump's campaign for comment on QAnon and the GOP candidates' comments on the group but has not heard back.

Rumor has it that every time CNN requests a statement, President Trump just smiles..