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Abuja – UNICEF’s Chief of  Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Daid Jurji, said, globally,  88 per cent of diarrhea is caused by contaminated water and hygiene.
He stated that, less than 10% Nigerians have access to suitable for drinking and 90% drinks water that is contaminated with feaces and E. coli.

So ya have to ask...


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My Broadband Editor-At-Large, Jan Vermeulen speaks to @JacobMoshokoa about the 5G spectrum. Here is what you need to know.



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And now after that shameless commercial for how benign 5G allegedly is, the coverage maps:

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“It was very traumatic and it all just feels like a bad nightmare.”

This is how a Cape Town man put it after his family was arrested in Muizenberg on Monday after his toddler ran on to the beach.

Under the level 4 Covid-19 restrictions effective from May 1, people are allowed to exercise between 6am and 9am within a 5km radius from their homes, but are not allowed on beaches or in parks.

Liam Bulgen and his family left their home about 8.25am. They live about 400m from the beachfront and were walking on the paved boardwalk next to the sea sand.

“My fiancée wanted some time alone so I let her walk on and I took care of our daughter.

“To distract her I took her out of the baby carrier on the boardwalk. She walked with me then suddenly ran on to the beach. She made less than 2m before I stopped her,” Bulgen said.

The toddler, who is 21-months-old, sat down and “threw a tantrum” when he wanted to pick her up.

Bulgen's fiancée, Tereza Cervinkova, heard what was happening and rejoined him and the child.

At this moment, police officers arrived.

“I politely told them what had happened. One officer told me I was so stupid for allowing my daughter out in public and the other, a captain, told me to get into the van because I was in serious trouble.

“They  seemed stressed and aggressive so I remained calm,” he said. 

Bulgen was then loaded into the police van.

Worried about his family’s safety, Bulgen said he asked if they could be allowed to walk to the police station which was about 150m from where they were.
“They said no and then made Tereza get into the other vehicle while she was breastfeeding. They travelled to the police station and the driver of that vehicle did not have a mask on,” he said.

Bulgen said when they arrived at Muizenberg police station, he asked if his parents could come and fetch their daughter.

“They told me they would be arrested if they did and we would have another charge.”

Bulgen said the health and safety standards at the police station were appalling and many of the police officers were not wearing masks.

“Some of the police found our circumstances amusing.”
29 police officers 'test positive' for Covid-19 at Cape Town's biggest station

Twenty-nine officials have tested positive for Covid-19 at Cape Town’s largest police station, according to a reliable source
NEWS2 days ago

He said officers told them they could not pay a fine and would be charged instead.

He said after more than three hours, they were charged for contravening the Disaster Management Act. Their court date is August 6.

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Veteran South African anti-apartheid activist Denis Goldberg, who was tried alongside Nelson Mandela, has died at the age of 87.
As a member of the ANC's military wing, he was convicted of armed resistance to white-minority rule and sentenced to four life terms in 1964.
He was imprisoned for 22 years.
Confirming the news of his death on local media, Mr Goldberg's niece, Joy Noero, said he had been suffering from lung cancer.
He "died peacefully" at his home in Hout Bay, near Cape Town, just before midnight on Wednesday, she added, saying that he "never stopped believing in his ideals".
Apartheid was a legalised form of racism in which white people were privileged above all others. It governed every aspect of life in South Africa, and only white people were able to vote until the first democratic elections in 1994 when Mandela was elected president.

Mr Goldberg was a lifelong supporter of the African National Congress and became a member of the armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe, when it was formed in 1961.

Different prison for white people
Two years later, he was among the ANC officials arrested at a hideout in Johannesburg.
On trial with Mandela, they were convicted of sabotage, and sentenced to life imprisonment.
The black prisoners were sent to Robben Island. But as the only white person to be found guilty in the case, Mr Goldberg was separated from the others, and spent 22 years in prison in Pretoria.

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"people are allowed to exercise" usually conjures an image of a very different place

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Hard to imagine 22 years in this joint, the guy had some serious stamina and commitment to ending apartheid...

PPretoria Central Prison is unmistakable as it sits on the outskirts of the city, a lingering reminder of South Africa’s darker years.

Now known as Kgosi Mampuru II Correctional Centre, the very rich history of Pretoria Central dates back to 1902 and after more than 100 years, its doors are still open to local visitors and travellers wanting to learn more about our history.

A museum

For many years Pretoria Central was not only the first place that political prisoners were brought to, but often the last as well. During the apartheid era a staggering 135 purely political prisoners were hung there for perceived crimes.

The gallows is now a museum in honour of the lives that were taken there. The prisoners' names are on the walls, and the ropes have been rehung over the painted wooden trap door. Tours take you up the 52 steps which the prisoners had to climb in order to reach the hanging platform, each one numbered so that you can get a feel for exactly what their last moments were like.
Did You Know?
Nelson Mandela was held at Pretoria Central Prison twice during his incarceration, both times he was awaiting trial.
A hard locked correctional centre

The rest of the prison is still a functioning correctional centre, complete with a C Max section for dangerous criminals, and has had a number of highly volatile people pass through it over the years. Up until his release, C-Max was the home of “Prime Evil”, the apartheid killer cop Eugene de Kock. It can hold between 300 and 500 inmates.

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'You aren't allowed to sell T-shirts, flip-flops?' Trevor Manuel slams 'irrationality' of lockdown regulations
  16:56 13/05/2020   Pieter du Toit
Trevor Manuel has sharply criticised government regulations and says the Disaster Management Act (DMA) does not mean that accountability over government is suspended.

In an interview with News24, he questioned the rationality of some regulations published in terms of the DMA, which governs a national disaster, and said he believes many of it make no sense. He also said that security forces need to understand their main function is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and that they must act with compassion and out of a sense of service to the public.

"Once you start using the language of force, then you’re on the wrong side of history," Manuel said.

Manuel, the former finance minister and one of the most senior members of the governing ANC, says many of the regulations announced in terms of the DMA are "irrational" and make no sense.

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A farm attack took place on 3 July 2020, at 02:00, on a farm in Zastron in the Free State province of South Africa, which is situated some 30 km from the border of Lesotho. A woman (80), Daleen van der Hoven, was attacked, assaulted and tied up by an unknown number of attackers in her home. She was seriously assaulted with a iron rod before she was kidnapped from her house and dropped off on the Lesotho border.

Six firearms and her Audi, reg DGT629FS was robbed.

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Two-year-old girl 'is raped while in Covid-19 isolation ward' at South African hospital
Child was sexually abused while in Covid isolation ward, it has been claimed
Two-year-old was admitted to hospital in Pretoria after displaying symptoms
She was later discharged but her family noticed there was 'something wrong'
Gauteng police have launched an investigation into the alleged rape

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