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Spiritual Scam?
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Dear Spiritual Star,

I am heartened to see you take the first step toward becoming a full initiate of the Golden Dawn. This is a life changing move that will enable you to break through many limitations to enjoy a spiritual life filled with magic.

Let me take a moment to commend you on your courage. Pursuit of the Great Work of the alchemists of the soul has never been easy and it is much harder these days in our turbulent cynical world. You have made a life-empowering decision to quit the darkness and seek the Light of the Hidden Knowledge. May the lamp of the Hermit of Ancient Wisdom continue to guide your feet to the top to the Mountain of Mysteries.

Chances are that, as you are reading this, you are at the cross-roads of having to decide to whom, between all the groups claiming to be the Golden Dawn, to entrust your spiritual education.

You are probably wondering, are we the REAL deal? Yes, we do have the Hermetic and Rosicrucian spiritual lineages of the Golden Dawn and Alpha et Omega and the legal trademarks to prove it, but this isn’t what is important.

You are probably wondering, how big is our order? Sure, we do have thousands of members world-wide, making us the largest Golden Dawn order, but that isn’t what is important.
You are probably wondering, do we have something to offer beyond the printed books on the Golden Dawn? As a magical order with unbroken transmission, we have a tremendous amount of unpublished materials that will take you to the pinnacle of the Third Order, while all other orders stop where the Second Order just begins, but even this isn’t what is important.

I say these things are not important because you didn’t come here to be bought with a long list of benefits, grandiose claims, promises highlighted in yellow, green, and red, or a 2-for-1 couple deal if you act now. You were not searching for the most commercial of all Golden Dawn orders. You came here to find authentic, safe guidance, and a proper esoteric education beyond what you can get from a $30 self-initiation book.

Then let us talk about what is important:

You are what is truly important. Yes, that is right, YOU. The writings of dead authors, esoteric diagrams and secrets of the universe rolled up in vaulted parchments, organizations that can boast temples around the world - all of them shrink before what one dedicated Adept bent on invocation and perpetuation of the Light can do in our world. You have that potential. You can transform your life and touch those around you every day, making our world a better place. This is why YOU are what is important.

We truly believe the Golden Dawn isn’t important for its own sake, but for YOUR sake. It is important for what it can do for you in your quest of self-discovery, empowerment and transcendence.

Here are the ways the Golden Dawn training program can help you achieve those most sublime of goals:

You Will Get Initiation into the Greater Mysteries

“Let there be Light!”

As a sincere seeker you know deep in your heart that initiations aren’t sacred psycho-dramatic pomp. That is what the uninitiated or commercial capitalizers of the Golden Dawn sincerely believe, so we don’t blame them for not knowing better.

We believe initiation is a sacred process in which both transmission of a higher octave of spiritual vibration and empowerment of your soul body occur in a step-by-step process. The Golden Dawn’s outer system is just as important as the advanced initiations of its Second and Third Orders. Like the various stages of creation of the philosopher’s stone, each of those sequential initiations need to be done correctly, and we don’t mean by reading a script like a trained actor. You can’t skimp on this process or confuse it with Reiki distance empowerment.

That is why each of our initiating Adepts spares no effort in preparing for your physical initiation at one of our many Temples in North America and Europe. We promise you that you will not be cheated out of this once in a lifetime experience in your journey for mastery and growth. You will not be left to fend for yourself alone at a distance, nor be expected to do the work of a whole temple alone. We will carry you through the process at every step of the way.
Get the benefits of rebirthing effects of the Neophyte initiation.

- Evolve and gain self-mastery from the empowering initiations of Earth-Air-Water-Fire-Spirit.
- Grow your solar body and rise to new spiritual heights thanks to the 5=6 initiation.
- Tame the cosmic power thanks to the 6=5 initiation.
- Attain spiritual transcendence and compassionate Buddha like states from the 7=4 initiation.
- Enter into the mysterious realm of the secret alchemists, with operative magical initiations that are referred to as the Greater Mysteries that form our third order.

Do this safely. Do this physically. Do this effectively.

You Will Get a Complete Integrated Body of Knowledge

Someone once told me that 70% of the secret knowledge taught in higher grades was passed orally from Adept to Adept, and continued to be so for 120 years. I gently reminded him that every adept knows that when you pass a story from mouth to ear across the room, from person to person, by the time it gets back to you it has changed so much that it has become unrecognizable.

For over 2,000 years our Hermetic elders knew that proper preservation of the mysteries would not be possible by relying on oral transmissions. That is why they were very selective in their admissions and operated in secrecy. Their knowledge was written down – often in ciphers – but on record in the form of knowledge papers and rolls. The Golden Dawn has always stuck by this tradition of providing knowledge papers and private rolls to its core initiates.

However, the wise elders and masters of yore knew that to further preserve the teaching, they needed to fragment it and pass it in bits to various circles of focus. Secrets of alchemy were passed to initiates focused on alchemy. Secrets of magic were passed to initiates focused on magic.

In its earlier years, the Golden Dawn’s initial mission was to reintegrate those parts into a cohesive system. It is for our initial success that our order’s name was carved into history. Yet, since then, we have attained further integration, thanks to receiving the body of teaching of many historical orders, including the Third Order that spawned the Golden Dawn 120 years ago.

What this means to you is this:

- Organized lessons that take you in a step-by-step process from the most basic to the most advanced of concepts.
- New information not restricted to printed books.
- A complete and integrated curriculum spanning over 612 lessons.
- Weekly Classes, Ritual Magic Coaching Sessions & NEW! - Monthly Webinars,
- You don’t have to play a “please the leader” game to get him to share oral information with you. We don’t use smoke and mirrors. As always, you will gain access to papers and
  rolls as you advance.
- You can be sure of authenticity. Part of the trouble with oral transmission is that you often can’t be sure where it came from or if it was changed along the way. Our advanced unpublished secrets are based on verifiable historical documents.

Get training that respects your achievement. Get training that will take you farther than any book. Get the kind of Golden Dawn training that turns every neophyte into a Magus

You Will Get Access to a World Wide Community

We understand that if you wanted to do this alone, you would not be here. We also understand your concern about group politics, drama, and power struggles. This is why we have established mechanisms that meet your needs and address all your concerns.

You have our word that we will never see you as just another member of the order. You will receive individual attention throughout every part of the process. All of our private members have access to our advanced and secure social networking software to stay in touch with other members of the order and get almost immediate feedback whenever they are facing a challenge.

You never have to reveal your identity to other members unless you want to. We respect your privacy and anonymity and work with you to protect it. Yet, you will never feel alone in the midst of constant exchanges and discussions revolving around the mysteries and self-growth.
The Adepts of our orders are accessible to our members regardless of ranks. We don’t create artificial barriers under the guise of separating the Inner from the Outer Order. We believe that is psychologically unhealthy to your personal development, because it is only human to want to rush through the grades to get to the highest levels and be part of the ‘in-crowd’. Instead, we do keep our ranks within the temple, but outside of it, we are all brothers and sisters on an equal footing. We want you to advance at your own pace without feeling social pressure to go up in grades just to be one of the ‘elite’.

There will be no pressure from us that you sign oaths of loyalty to a Chief who thinks of the Golden Dawn as his own personal business, nor will you ever be asked to recruit for us or put fliers in books in bookstores.

Should a personality conflict arise, we assure you that we will neither take sides based on rank nor permit it to interfere with your own personal growth. You can request another teacher and continue your membership unhindered.

We also encourage our members to establish their own independent Temple once they are prepared. Those temples operate independently without micromanagement, as long as they continue to adhere to the landmarks of our tradition.

You see, the Golden Dawn isn’t about joining a religious organization, a militaristic order, or being part of someone’s power trip. It is about solitary magicians getting together in harmony to study, do the Great Work, and advance the Magic of Light. We want to graduate independent adepts, not cheering followers.

Become part of a balanced community. Advance in a safe group environment. Experience the Golden Dawn as it was meant to be.

We obviously believe that we present the best option for anyone seeking the classical Golden Dawn in spirit and not merely in slogans. Thousands of members of the occult community agree and many are eager to come forth and share their own experiences:

“The Golden Dawn has shown me that I am Master of my own Destiny, rather than merely the product of my social conditioning.” - Jaques N., Paris, France
“I wholeheartedly recommend studying in this Order, which stands unsurpassed for its academic standards, support system and the integrity of actual physical initiations, preserving the age-old initiatic stream that I always dreamed existed.”
- Derek D., Worcester, South Africa

“I have seen profound, positive transformation, not only in myself, but also in my relationships, and in others on the same Path. I have gained self-mastery, knowledge, and peace within. I have been able to let go of past issues, fine tune my innate talents, and awaken latent ones.” - Anabela P., Rio de Janiero, Brazil

“I have always had reservations about any tradition promising things far beyond one's own reality, but any doubts I had were totally blown away by Golden Dawn initiation and practice. This is the real thing!” - Neal S., Flagstaff, AZ

“I was initially skeptical about the Golden Dawn and magic because there is so much sanctimonious, fluffy bunny stuff in the esoteric world. The effect of the Golden Dawn Neophyte initiation followed by the spiritual practices put my doubts to rest forever.” - Suso L., Barcelona, Spain

Still, you may be surprised to know that we will not push you to join our order. On the contrary, we advise you to check out other groups.
You see, even though we have spoken out against the historical confusion that resulted from the publication of some of the Golden Dawn teachings by Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie - Confusion caused by well-meaning, dedicated, but often ill-informed self-started Golden Dawn groups that operate without the proper depth of understanding that comes from classical training - We still believe they perform an important service.

Several doors now lie before you. All are shiny and bright, each tempting you with its own allure. But with all these Golden Dawn orders out there, which door is it that leads to the path of true initiation? And which to the summit of the mysteries? Behind which door lies the path that will shake you to the bottom of your soul – purify you – transmute your base metal into gold along the way?

Can our aspirants see past the marketing rhetoric, the flashy websites, the hypocritical messages mixing promises of service to the Light with attacks on other groups, and the vast array of commercial promises? Are they really seeking the classical Golden Dawn or will they be satisfied with a hybrid combining the Golden Dawn with a wide array of fundamentalist or New Age ideas?

True Initiation is not for everyone. In fact, at the highest levels, it is not even for the few. Whether you seek initiation from a Zen Master or a Hermetic Adept, there is one thing you can count on when you seek initiation in any authentic Mystery School …

You will be tested - challenged - every step of the way!

… And the tests of true Initiation aren't just reciting something you read in a book. They reach down and test you in every aspect of your life and dark corner of your soul – And utterly transform you before you reach the summit of the Mysteries.

In fact - you are already being tested by the Guardian of the Threshold of the Mysteries.

And with this test – like all others like it along the way – I am not permitted to help you.

Like all those great Initiates who once stood at the gateway to hidden wisdom like you do now …
… You must find your own way forward alone.

But I can tell you that I am delighted. I am delighted that thousands of people world-wide, from all walks of life, have shown that no matter how tough the challenge - they find their way to the mountain of true Initiation.

Only then are they worthy to enter into the Hall of the Mysteries, having survived the enchantment of the proverbial keeper of the Western gate, to advance to the Sun rising in the East at the station of the Hierophant of the classical Golden Dawn.

We will invest every ounce of our resources, as far as knowledge, support, community and love can carry them, so that they attain that perfect mastery of the magic of Light.
I hope to see you soon in the hall of true Initiation, so we may light yet another candle in the growing Golden Dawn.