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How do you open your Third Eye?
« on: May 23, 2020, 01:13:51 pm »
What is popularly referred to as the "third eye" is a sensing organ, that is no longer used by the human body. At one time, around 18 million years ago, this organ was used for sense of sight before the two eyes came up.

The third eye, in the long lost era (up to the middle of the Lemurian root-race or the 3rd race), was located at the the centre of forehead slightly above the nose (like a Cyclopean eye). When the two eyes came up at a later era, which happened over a very gradual process covering 6 million years (from 18 million B.C. to 12 million B.C.) during which the human race remained three-eyed, the central eye (third eye) was less and less used. It then receded towards the back of the head and remained there as a pea-like bundle of nerves, now known as the pineal gland. This now serves as a nerve-centre for physical consciousness (apart from its other use), when we are living.

As has been said, the third eye was once used for sight. This was not physical sight, but astral (and etheric) sight. When the central eye (third eye) became defunct and receded into the head (brain), we lost the capacity for psychic vision. In other words, we became "psychically blind", but developed physical sight as a "more-evolved" substitute.


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Re: How does one open a Third Eye?
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