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Podcasts / AZZERAE'S WORLD 51
« on: February 21, 2020, 06:33:56 pm »

Podcasts / AZZERAE'S WORLD 50
« on: February 21, 2020, 06:20:23 pm »

Say Your Piece / Re: Screen grabs
« on: February 20, 2020, 09:39:26 am »
News travels fast.

« on: February 19, 2020, 06:32:30 pm »
I see you popping up with fake IP's every few minutes, and you're not welcome here.

Tattle-taling and reporting back to the Circle of Hate, I bet.

Fuck off, you soulless Void. I am Form.


Esoterica / Re: Religious Texts
« on: February 19, 2020, 06:19:11 pm »
I find Hindu art so beautiful.

Esoterica / Re: Understanding Baudrillard's Theory
« on: February 19, 2020, 06:18:26 pm »
I didn't mean to spark beef neither, just offering an alternative perspective...

Podcasts / Re: The GabCast
« on: February 19, 2020, 06:14:31 pm »
a crack of sunlight got into the dank recesses of his butthurt ego-cocoon

« on: February 19, 2020, 06:07:04 pm »
It's an interesting directory of the damned and the lost, innit?

Quite a few "players" have passed by and not yet returned.

Oh the stories they could tell...

This work is canon. And always worth a reread.

Esoterica / Re: Religious Texts
« on: February 19, 2020, 06:05:56 pm »

Follow my directions and victory is certain.

« on: February 19, 2020, 06:02:42 pm »
Good on you mate for not overworking yourself to make new shows as frequently as you were. That had to be a grind with the real world demanding your daily work efforts.

As always, we'll be here.

Thanks, buddy!

Podcasts / Re: Whitley Strieber
« on: February 19, 2020, 05:59:01 pm »
I think he needs traction and listeners at this stage of his career.

Have you dipped into it yet, is it any good?

I haven't gotten very far into it. Fiction isn't my forte either, of late.

I wanna get A NEW WORLD though.

Esoterica / Meditation Myth?
« on: February 19, 2020, 05:56:50 pm »
No, you don’t have to Meditate to be Happier or More Successful.

The meditation hype is causing its own kind of anxiety

It seems like every productivity/business/entrepreneurship book, podcast, conference or TED talk I look at today has the same solution to being a more successful, happier, saner person, it’s easy really: Just meditate for 20 minutes once or twice per day.

It’s not that I don’t believe in the power of mindfulness, it’s simply that meditation as a practice doesn’t fit with where I currently am in my life! I’m too excited, too optimistic and enthusiastic to sit still… maybe even too young.

Over the last few months I’ve come to terms that meditation is just not for me right now but I still need ways to make sure i’m not always in a reactionary mode.

Have “No Podcast” moments while commuting, cooking, cleaning or going to the gym

I’m a podcast freak, I’m subscribed to about 50 podcasts and never run out of content to consume. I rarely have a gym session or work commute without a podcast blasting information into my head. I love it. Here’s the problem though: podcasts also act as a great “thought numbing” device. The noise stopping you from being in the moment, from really focussing on what you’re actually doing.

I’m not saying to quit listening to podcasts, but to try to consciously decide on having ‘no podcast’ moments while cooking, for example. You’ll find that letting your mind wander while focussing on a repetitive task really isn’t such a bad thing.

Take a weekend break, away from home, alone

One of the most productive and ‘mindfull’ weekends of my life was a 2-day lone visit to Amsterdam. I hadn’t planned on being there, but I decided to extend my trip after a running a workshop during the week and realising that I really wanted to explore more of the city.

I spent 2 days just walking around, buying books, reading and walking some more. I didn’t visit anyone, didn’t make plans, just walked around alone. I’m not saying this is anything comparable to meditation, but if you, like me, are rarely alone, the whole experience of essentially not talking for 2 days is something extremely calming for the mind, even if it’s very strange at first.

I would suggest, if you’re going to try something like this, not to listen to podcasts or music as you walk around. Just focus on taking in the scenery, observing the people and really being where you are. In general, i’m starting to get the feeling that podcasts, even though I love them, are secretly killing our ability to be comfortable with quiet moments with no input.

Draw or Paint

Get a piece of paper, a few pens, and start drawing. Don’t know what to draw? Find something you’d like to copy and start trying to draw that. I do recommend listening to some music while drawing (A band called Dreyma are a nice pick). Drawing puts me in a hyper-focussed state, my mind is thinking of nothing but how to draw what’s on the page. It doesn’t matter if you suck, or have never sketched something before, just give this one a try and see how you feel after 30 minutes.


Writing, even writing this article is a complete mind-calmer for me. Writing fiction, however, has an even greater effect. I write a lot of crappy short stories (which I never publish) just because I enjoy the process. My advice is to set a timer, get some paper and just start writing. It usually takes me about 10 minutes to even find a topic I want to write about and that’s not a problem. This exercise is not about creating anything good, it’s just about creating.

Play Music

I never feel more at-ease and non-reactive than when I sit down to play guitar or piano. If you can play an instrument, this is an amazing way to put your mind into a transe-like state. Don’t know what to play? Find the chords or notes to a song you like, learn it and play it over and over. I really don’t do this enough but I always feel amazing after playing the same Radiohead song over and over for an hour.

Jog or Walk (No Podcast, No Music)

Go for a long jog or a long walk with no input. I’m not going to go ahead an explain this one because it’s pretty much the same principles as explained before.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t meditate

The first thing you need to know about Meditation-Anxiety is that it exists. Most entrepreneurs I know wish they could meditate more, many beat themselves up about it.
Here’s the thing, maybe you’ll get into meditation 10 years from now, or maybe it’ll never be your thing. What’s important is that you really shouldn’t be feeling stressed about the thing that’s supposed to reduce your anxiety, help you live in the moment and make you happier. There are other ways to be mindful, reduce anxiety and pull yourself out of a reactive state.

Esoterica / Re: Understanding Baudrillard's Theory
« on: February 19, 2020, 05:52:27 pm »
If there were an emerging-from-Platos-cave moment would we(at least in our current form) be capable of handling it?

Pro'ly not.

« on: February 19, 2020, 05:50:01 pm »



« on: February 19, 2020, 05:45:14 pm »

The Hateful 8 of Bellgab:

Brig aka Grub – The Viagara Falls shut-in’s insatiable appetite for voyuerizing the lives of others is boundless, will literally squat in the headspace of anyone on the board and suck the very life out of them through their youtubes – has progressed from a one trick Heather pony into a full-on indiscriminate stalker – “so say we all” her appeal to a consensus that can never exist – needy with a capital N. A fave of MV, but a discarded chew toy for Bart – matters not as long as her coffee pot is full and someone’s live-streaming something...somewhere...anywhere...

Yorkshire pud – Precious little of the any import to share but a mouthy cock-holster for any and all  lamestream media lies of the most lunatic flavour. Rolling fat off the bounty of his host nation but little more than a blood tick for anyone’s politics but his own birth nation’s. Consummate lightweight – would happily and relentlessly bang the drum for Trump eating fetuses at breakfast if his lefty masters would just start that demonization ball rolling, Starkly unoriginal, bit indefatigable until Metron returns to rapidly deflate his ego diaper.

ShredniVashtar – Ghee-soaked supplicant to a culture not remotely his own, another mongrel of the Brittas Empire weaponized to invoke the extreme linguistic and cultural irrelevancies of a host nation staggering to its terminus under the death wave of chickens come home to roost from across the once bloody but now theme-parked empire of his tidy whitey masters’ karmic malfeasances. Wildly oblivious projectionist who hopes that by bashing Americans he can erase the Unfree Kingdom’s core fascism – think Saddiq Kahn with platform Elton John shoes and a leaky bunghole. Needs a congestion tax for cultural tub thumping in a apathy zone.

Kizuna AI – It’s the JOOS! Or surely the NIBBAS! Has distilled the political soup down to 2 key culprits and anime humps them like a crazed dog in a forest full of bipedal miscreants. Trends occasionally to expanded capacity magazines and bukkake blasts – earnest, angry, but ultimately improbable in a world vastly more complex than 4 constituent elements. So deeply in character that workplace cosplay is not unlikely.

Richard Groyper – On point for anyone else getting into major chit whilst he cheers and feeds off the animus. Disarmingly pleasant in frisking his marks, but ruthlessly short in dropping a dime on them with little provocation. Talks shit on Twitter, gets major views for it – seems perplexed that his efforts on BG haven’t yielded much more than Anthony’s punk-ending road trip through American meat space. Master of the veiled sneer, but ultimately more bark than bite – wishes you’d fear that bark but needs to huddle with a true Alpha to sustain his pack position.

Dr. MD MD - “Ricky” is no Gervais, but his obsession with “gay” screams closet queen. Politically astute, but in a conniving and dismissive manner. Will fight until the fence retracts, then loses his vinegar. Can be reduced to OCD repetitive foam by Metron or even Jackstar. Needs an occasional romp with 14/16 as his chew toy to work the frustrations out after either being put out the pet door on forum ignore again or clotheslined by Kidnostad3.  Cerberus in his mind, but a whipped puppy in aspic..

Wildcard – A surprise inclusion for an intermittent shitstormer – says precious little but never fails to insult, demean, or desecrate whichever thread his face card falls onto. Angry as a late summer hornet, but lacking the swarm to complete his mission – a one sting honeybee with nothing to pollinate but weeds.

paladin 1991 – Almost didn’t make the list after a brutal FBI outing by Dr. MD in one eponymous slugfest and diminished by his subsequent months long slink-off to Ellgab. Talks his avatar ‘s Marine smack but just can’t bring anything but some petulant yapping. May have had compound thoughts at one time, but incapable of them now. The yappy dog on the other side of MD’s fence of biforum separation. Easily triggered, but just as easily gut-kicked into whimpering retreat to the land of cat ladies. May have a marshmallow filling and prays none of you push that squishy button. Possible new avatar – Poppin’ Fresh the Shillsbury doughboy.

The Bellgab Enigma machine code monkeys

Jackstar - The baked lifestyle 8 chan style - DIAF. Knows everything and nothing - willing to share crumbs only. Demands authoritative curiosity but plays coy with conclusions. Regular visitor to the Circus of Dr. Lao.

Sugaree - Alien Ant Farm keeper. Inquisitor of the obvious - dopple-agent?

Stellar - Zeta Reticuli vacationer. Grays don't wear thongs - may be Project Serpo return.

artbell_ghost - Still hovering over Miller's gift box. Likely to place ripple in the livestream. Aroma of menthol.

Metron2267 - Banished for enthusiastically vivisecting one too many sacred dogmas - iconoclast with a relish tray. Purveyor of reticulated earwigs and assorted brain teasers.

The Bellgab Choir

...or deftly watering the blood orchids before they dine...yet somehow escaping with the sacramental wine and a cone of incense....

Roswells Art - Most like her avatar in a behavioral sense. Pointed but ultimately safe humor, in many ways the forum's peripatetic porcupine - to be appreciated at a safe distance, neither prone to attack nor animus. A gentle and kind ungulate, though not to be confused with disinterested nor deceived. Might be experiencing parallel dimension allegories that mere mortals are unable to resolve. Wry.

Pyewacket - Another one who's sync'd avatar to act with tonal fealty. Politically astute as MD but lacking the fear-biting instinct. Prone to explaining subjects with uncommon accuracy and welcome brevity. The deftly feminine touch of motherly wisdom and remnant tolerance. Needs to be tasked to unscramble millenial omelets to their constituent elements. Said to pair well with champagne and:

chefist - Who like Roswells knows the madness of the line cook and the ego of the chef de cusiine. No Chefist = no Martinez Tonight. A martinized ego, unphased by this madness, beloved for his inner calm and aslant wit. Just stepped out for a smoke with:

Aldous Burbank - His brother from another whom southern Arizona's "saygooroos" offer up their fruits in James Flournoy Holmes style salutations. Mentor of Redacted, one remaining clear link to Art, incapable of harming others intentionally. The last flower child in a world gone over to weeds and beer cans.

Taaroa - Lives under your radar too, and plans to keep it that way. Pilot chic, knows the whole lighter than air thing is a temporal riff and treats ground time with the deadpan patience its petty bounds of transitory gravitas demand. Unaffected by earthly dramas but willing to learn and file it all away.

pate - Glib, clued, bemused, interested but not for the same reasons the trolls are. Place a set of [____________________________]'s because reading between pate's few lines requires insight and intuition before ignition. Not one to play poker with.

Juan & albrecht - The Siamese twins of solid reality. One as valuable as the other - the latter a wikiforumula of plentiful lucid links, the former adept at the concise summation. Licensed to practice interweb law, but only in theoretical states. Immune to Heather hating and all forms of youtube exhibitionism. The quiet kids in the library who learned something and went home to an extra popsicle for desert.

Morgus - Hoagie and Noory...Noory and Hoagie...the definition of old school, classic woomeister, roots, rock, reboot and do it again. Eternal as amusement park bumper cars and not so easily grown out of. Where Bellgabbers go to celebrate what the old days were like before youtubeattention-whoring and bullying became the favored mash-up.

Rikki Gins - Teflon Terminator - owns the historical chapters of two groups and will never surrender that high ground. Dropped character just once to share a Jack Elam tale - by any measure an old soul and with immunity to those who blithely create harm or sew discord. Your good neighbor whose weeds never take hold and ruin the lawn.

The Bi-forum Shadow Riders

I now list the Shadow Riders of BellGab, as well as the knock-off board known as "EllGab" - those spry and often topical types whose presence in either forum seems less predicated upon cyber bullying than some actual desire to share and discuss matters not related to the latest YouTube emotional crisis or call for attention.

Rikki Gins: Mute in the Heather hating, ambivalent to YouTube vanity video mockery, and an historical thread curator and purveyor of images and highlights from popular history over the past centenary. Postcards, gardening, fruit crate labels, photos from the Great War - you name it - Rikki is the penultimate subject-driven librarian of both groups. When there is a need to escape stalking for what used to be reality - Rikki is your Ticketmaster - priceless admission, and invaluable safe space in a realm of personal head games.

Up All Night: Not as frequent a hard topic participant, but loathe to spend much time in the catty world of personal spite and perceived forum outrages. Like a sleek car with a fresh wax job, the waters of ideological pee tend to bead and roll off his hood with little impedance. Knows trains and a lot more in political conservatism - shares judiciously but always competently - a safe read in the best sense. Has seemingly chosen Ell over BellGab and one wonders why.

Albrecht: The objective research-driven conservative. If you desire informational clarity - your best port in almost any storm. How he thrives in the current clime must be a testimony to an open mind but also a keen sorting mechanism. One can't go wrong working a subject with him in either forum. Post load seems to vary but bi-forum confirmed.

Juan: Another mainly topical poster, not one to spend more than a few sentences on the personal train wreckage, the kind of person you'd want to share an Uber with - well read, interesting, diverse, generally conservative, but not stridently so - evenly split between the forums - would make a dandy neighbour IRL.

Jedimiller*: The designated EllGab chew toy, hateful Angie's "beta male", Dynamo Hum's occasional handmaiden and supplicant - Bart's Wootacular "Coors Man" - a lost soul with a soft and passionate nature and a fondness for Heather that seems cloyingly genuine. Seeking attention, friendship, strokes, but trapped in the game of offering up increasingly higher levels of his own life on YouTube to get there. Has played the buffoon, the tough guy, the ingenue, the street wise loser (so many roles really) that one can say chameleon and not be unkind. High needs treading between two hater groups to get them filled. Call "Milluh" the "Wicker Man" of EllGab, as there he will meet his cyber pyre one day. Topical fidelity mainly to Star Wars action figures - where he oddly shares less of his acumen than one would expect.

Gravity Sucks: Makes both lists just because. The ultimate solipsist - willing to share all his rip-snorting Air force career memories in his own vanity thread because ... when you get old and bunged up - what else can you do?  Has gone all-in as a supplicant to Bart and become an EllGab narc - likely reliving some perceived chain of command reverie from his service days - something Bart swiftly pounced upon when recruiting him over from Bellgab. Oddly entwined with another long time BellGabber who shall remain unnamed.

Aldous Burbank: Has made the EllGab homesteading list, but one wonders why? Might be some remnant shame at having hooked Art and Redacted up, might be his distaste for political rants and wars. A wholly non-invasive species, tolerant, friendly, educated, mostly apolitical, somehow apart from the Heather hating and cyber bullying - old soul is the safe bet. This kind of liberal is a native species of the late 1960's - must be watered occasionally and like any desert succulent can survive long periods of drought - topical or otherwise.

Chefist: A bi-forum original in the same sense as the above - many similarities there. Abused in a hatefully personal manner on EllGab - the butt of their Wootacular derision for his alleged drinking, yet a wise and elder statesman upon whose back such attacks slide off like water from a Muscovy duck. No cyber bullying from Chefist - all things said in good humor and with no malice. One would say likeable and not regret the choice. One would also be lucky to have his culinary ministrations - something he seemingly shares less of these days.

Paladin: An "FBI man" - the former Gyrene is the cock of the walk in EllGab, recently tangled with MD in this very terrain. Will trend more to the former as the abuse MD heaps on him seems to have its effect. The first Marine to retreat? Harsh - but study the posting dearth in BellGab: when made as a narc by MD he quickly departed. Seeks to garner female attention through alpha male rants and diatribes. Yet sadly one can sense no personal fulfillment from the act. Largely - wait for it - atopical! If you can get FBI to engage on point you have achieved something, otherwise a carrion feeder for whomever either forum is dissecting and consuming.

KSM: 100% Bart's "left hand man" at EllGab, or seems to relish the prospect and does his level best to act accordingly. A lower order BellGab presence as Liberace! offers no ego strokes or special "moderator" privileges. The bi-forum outlier award - not a hater, not a bully per se, not even terribly interested in such games. One can intuit a sensitive core, an innate gentleness, a playfully humorous side, and also a void that can be only partly filled by the bully culture of either board. Also gets the aloof award, as when the shit gets too deep, he sidesteps it and sidelines himself in his man cave. A tragic shame to see soul depth like his wasted kow-towing to Bart's unfillable maw of an ego. Potential fall guy, but always (so far) saved by his own "decency".

Rally Squirrel: Likes drama (a Senda thread adherent initially) but prefers the targets be active courtesans of their own scripted disaster as opposed to mere milk jugs to be ventilated. Trended hard to EllGab as Bart picked up on his sensitivity, became instantly peeved when YouTube-stalked by Brig. Likes the game well enough, less so when it's pointed at him. Somewhat of a subject cipher - might be a bi-forum NPC in the final analysis, not in the pejorative sense.

Walks_at_Night: Has penned two of the greatest non-bullying threads in either venue - 'Red Heat' and 'My Fathers Notebook'. Seems to have been inveigled by Bart's use of his material in the Wootaculars, or perhaps is just using Bart for the audience reach provided ... the latter a strong likelihood. Willing to dabble a wee bit in the hazing, but hardly an adherent to that forum norm. Rikki Gins with a creative writing license to enthrall - wasted talent in these back waters of cyber bullying.

Sixteen/Sofia/Monica/14: It's all about her - on either venue. Needs to be listened to, hates to be rushed or judged, over shares, then lashes back at others (kinda like me?) ... Bi-forum because it's impossible to get enough strokes from either, but can be driven to full retreat by Jackstar or MD. Subject fidelity to abortion, elder care, dogs, and family dysfunction. A truly nice lady who does not belong in either world regardless of how much she enjoyed Art or hates George. Consistently inconsistent in her tonality, has some anger management issues, but then who doesn't?

Starr Mountain: The WWG1WGA girl, either board's solid patriot. No cyberbully here, at all. Has been MIA from both boards after suffering multiple bouts of paranoia (which I can empathize with). A cooperative soul - seeks consensus and agreement, yet seems baffled when her efforts are buffed. Basic solid good stuff with a lot more personal depth than she feels safe sharing. Seems to have seen through the bully game and taken her old soul and sharing elsewhere. The kind of person who wants to be liked and will like in return - a reciprocal wonder, gem-like qualities of no use to either board or any of their stalker agenda. Wise.

K-Dubb: The bard of either board, the baker supreme, the funny pipe guy, the erudite and cunning linguist - but not a bully in any sense of the word. Seems to hold himself both above and aside from the actual personal spite - yet will play into the action, then deflect past it with uncommon gymnastic skill. Here for his own ends, need not announce nor share them, but content to let others slightly define them ... to a point. Too smart and stable for this game, yet like a cat by the tub fascinated by the swirling drain action. Hasn't taken a dive yet, may not either.

WOTR: Used to "place hold" K-Dubb's kindly persona just a bit. Lately a more active BellGab ass-kicker unafraid to roll in the mud with the piggies and now (surprisingly) no longer trying to set himself above the fray and its filthy parameters. Might be a late phase ego shift, but is taking some glee in being just slightly hurtful. One imagines other issues beneath the surface being resolved or re-played though BellGab as an emotional petri dish of sorts. Has had better days, seems to have left his kinder gentler EllGab act in the locker room.

All Major Players in the EllGab Universe

Dynamo Hum is one of the most polished and connected stalkers out there. And she's crafted some kind of entitlement mentality to the whole shady business. I believe this is not uncommon in sociopaths, the ability to act heinously yet do so from a place of utter indifference to the results, let alone the corruption of others invited into this dark realm. And she is exceptionally talented at weaving others into her dark web and then cajoling them to stick with the program and stay on script.

Of course Little Sean is at the bridge of this operation, as too Spookcat (another total fraud) and several others in the cat lady realm. Let me bullet list the whole sordid mess herein and leave it at that:

Aquarius: Presumes herself to be above the fray yet ardently stirs the pot and spends an inordinate amount of time allegedly not on Facebook but lurking it relentlessly to keep up with the game. She plays the "good cop" in this whole stalker sideshow and is sickeningly complimentary and totally a supplicant to Bart. In two words - brilliant fraud.

Spookcat: One of the better play actresses in all this but in it right up to her cloyingly creepy cat ears and animal fantasy role playing. Likely a snitch to Bart, in fact definitely so. Attempts to get the goods on everyone's social media details, but but never actually manages to consummate the join. Information on any number of users respective handles she does obtain - are no doubt sent straight over to Bart.

Journey: A gutless, cowardly, pile-on after someone else starts a fight sycophant. Not locked in, low mental capacity, a follower always - but a nasty little sucker punch artist who will revel in sticking a knife in anyone's back if the coast is clear.

Mrs. C: Addled old clueless cat lady who trades loneliness for group interaction. Means well but is slowly being corrupted into the hate matrix by Ellgab regulars.

Angie in NJ: A trashy, mouthy, fugly hag from the South, who's taken her manipulative ways to Ellgab and yet fools no one least of all Bart who regularly bashes her just to revel in how much she needs his action and how much she'll endure to remain there.

Anniem: Shape shifter. One of the best in-character actresses, yet make no mistake a Heather hater and eager participant in all scripted attacks. Presents a kindly and humorous demeanor just often enough to throw others (even me, in the past) off a bloody scent, and with her always near the scene of the crime - plenty of blood trail to erase or obscure. Also a madly omnipresent Facebook and Twitter operative.

Little Sean: Nuff said - egomaniacal little man stalker creep deluxe - the worst of the worst, but apparently not much of a Facebook or Twitter player. As such he makes the perfect hitman/goon - no backstory to be found ... yet ...

Pizzapunch: More the traditional pack animal. Always wiling to add in some gossip or enhance what is active. By no means a player, just a mouthy audience member with delusions of significance.

Fish: Seems blissfully unaware and yet clued simultaneously = beware the inner corruption in this one. Much more than meets the eye, but not a Facebook or Twitter player and as such merely good stalker fodder for EllGab.

DynaX: Gone for a goodly while after pumping Metron for information on a particular location along with Gravity. Russian in this as well as a past life means 100% caution advised. One that truly fooled folks, with a lot of very interesting stories about her past life in the USSR. Did I mention I find Russians utterly untrustworthy - good, it bears repetition. Very clearly working for someone here, very obviously not letting a word of it slip - a consummate "professional" spy.

Gravity Sucks: All has been said and more. Revels in being Bart's forum lieutenant and bouncer. Hard to fathom given his apparently robust career in the Air Force as a "rocket scientist" for what that may or may not be worth. The first one to fingerprint any of those banned's return to Ellgab. Always suspect, always.

Damon: A slightly befuddled but utterly beta male supplicant to any and all in the bully world. The type of low wattage stooge that is easily used and just as easily discarded, but always comes back for more. In a word - needy.

Juan: A solid stand up guy who plays with this on a surficial basis. Not wholly comfortable with what EllGab is really about, keeps to himself more than he shares.

Allbrecht: A carbon copy of Juan - ought not to be there, yet still is.

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