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Question for MV - what is the average monthly income generated by Bellgab?

And has it recovered since the birth of Ellgab?

What kind of turbo-boomer doesnt have an ad-blocker on their browser? Then again the average age on BG appears to be 65

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You were awesome, Azz.  Good on ya man! :-*

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MV just flipped his support of our President??? 
Talk about a hypocrite. >:(

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Why won't MV take my call and allow me to defend myself?  Sounds like he's pulling the Schiff Schit. ;D

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Okay.  MV, has stated what a coward he is.  So be it.

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MV is not your friend, and never has been. MV is a user of his petting zoo denizens and a florid drunk. >:(

Amen, Brother. ;)

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VC claims MV treated me "fairly" but I disagree.  I was quiet while he spoke, to no end.  When I finally had a chance to really state my case, I got cut off because of "station break" (or whatever).  Though I tried to reconnect, to defend myself, my calls were denied.
God, I feel like I was trying to defend myself in a lesser "Schiff Show." 
Why am I spending my good energy on such irrelevance? ???


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Re: The GabCast
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Well Opti, you're very much getting the picture, this program was, front to backhole irrelevance and spite defined. And it was a broadcast quality psyop on Azz.

MV, giving the devil his due, came sober and loaded for bear, but I'm still listening the second time through so I'll have more to comment upon as I get the time to.

WWG1WGA - being banned from Ballgrab is badge of honor!


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Hour 1

Not in any particular order, but the MV butthurt ban hour was as unrevealing as the last time, albeit he did state that I'd "shank Azzz in the neck" and that I'll "never be unbanned", lol, so there's that... 8)

Oh and Toots' banning - here cometh MV's usual "posts in too many threads" excuse, cemented off with "doesn't like her posting pics". Wow! Who knew that was a kickout, in a forum whose Ballgrab  black guy .gif he finds somehow iconic...yeah...whatever... :-\

Groyper spoofs Bedroom Dave, refutes the 1 leg larp, drops off and then comes back on to dangle the USS Liberty and those "wilding Joos" as a taunt at Toots - so classy...and he didn't even need Asuka in the peanut gallery to run the troll line out... :-X

Neither Azz not MV were terribly authoritative on SA's system of governance in which they do have a Parliament and a President chosen not by the voters but by the National Assembly or lower house of said Parliament. Sorry fellas, you both came up grasping at straws on that one.

Azz makes a heartfelt apology for not forcing an email authentication from the fake MV and fake Bart, uh OK then...yes forums are sock puppet villages, duh!

And then Starr finally gets in...


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Hour 2

The Starr v. Brig hour, more or less.

Starr - " I Love you MV."

MV - "Do you really?" (sarcasm dripping) :'(

So we have a lengthy discourse about how Starr gaslighted MV for a yera over Brig without specifically articulating her psychic sins in Ballgrab.

Here, let me help out there ...Brig feeds off BG members and youtubers so much that Howie Cat/Rally Squirrel had to tell her to back the fuck off his channel! Got it yet MV? The old whore is a psychic vampire, period. Fuck Brig straight to Hell.

MV begins bashing Azz for lampooning shooting Brig - says there will never be a resolution. Gets out the violin for Brig, this from the forum that popularized DIAF as an entreaty, oh the hypocrisy is redolent in this one...passive aggression? Yes, BG is all about passive aggression, that's how you get a forum Doxxer deluxe like VC sliming the joint up.

Groyper comes back in to beat up on Starr, so classy... ::)

MV wants to feed off my beef with Azz, ergo we start to see the real agenda come forward - divide and conquer...which rotates neatly over to Michael Decon and his immense ego diaper, But...I never told Azz that the boiler room incident played on a Decon show, rather it's something he posted on his home page bio. Fact.

MV closes out the hour with excuses about his former Gabcast hosts and why he kicked Heather out for her Art Bell "tude" changed entirely, became nauseating...dissed poor sainted Noory on the Gabcast, wah!

All this change, eh?

Oh the "umbrella of Art Bell"...the real gripe is it never was held over MV's head! 

Now we get it - it's all sour grapes on Art and Heather, mmm hmmm...


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Hour 3

Heather's unwanted personality change - yeah there's a rationale for stalking her off the air...

MV chides Azz for violent imagery than doubles down on telling Tootise to DIAF! Says he had no regrets and it was intentional!

Lengthy diatribe over Azz's brig/bullet mockery but no worries, legal action not forthcoming, yay... ::) ::) ::)

MV plays head doctor on Azz's disorders, talks to Brig on Voxer all the time, drops into a long Trump and politics rant.

VC is not ZaZa, syntax mismatch. Plays the Azz doxxing clips, then after softening him up it's back to divide and conquer and how he thinks Azz's forum friends are not his real friends - how droll...

Starr messages in and gets rebuffed again - no chance to defend herslef, yawn..same 'ol same 'ol...


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Hour 4

MV doesn't like Starr dissing Brig in public but wanting to go private to address it. So why have PM functionality at all then?!?!? :o

Azz and MV wax nostalgic over the Gravity Sucks "open letter" thread. Azz has regrets, MV not so much, was glad to get rid of the safe space Hellgabbers who can't handle sparring.

Azzgab doxxing by ZaZa and MV denies buying domain.

Nyewalker says Falkie did it, lol. MV challenges Jedimiller to call in. Azz riffs on  Milluh's persona and podcast drinking beer in the tub.

MV is glad the safe space hellgabbers are gone. Azz art and podcast have been making him feel better.

MV stays away from politics on Ballgrab, but now has a 30 minute incognito political daily podcast planned, huh...

My then conflates libertarianism with the importation of illegals, but...

Many modern libertarians are proponents of open borders with little to no restriction on immigration. But is this stance appropriate for libertarians? Just because other right wingers support closed borders, does not mean they are anti-immigration. Rather, they seek restrictions on it. It isn’t “anti-libertarian” to support secure borders. Even Ron Paul was not an open border libertarian.

MV doesn't like Hannity, so sad, too bad...we all love Ron Paul.  8) And hate Shrillary. >:(


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Hour 5

WOTR calls in for thoughts on Heather - MV says "damaged person" Azs says she was bullied "a little bit"???? Like 2 forums full of stalkers is a "little bit"? Dang. Crown & Coke begins to work on MV.

Heather called MV during a car wreck on Skype, ignores his situation wants relief from alleged show sabotage, turns on tears again. :'(

Azz thinks Heather is listenable, has problems, he ghosts too, something's off there, true. MV still hates on her Art impersonation. Gets All Pelosi indignant when Azz accuses him of being angry, LOL!

"Stop telling me how I sound!"

The C&C is doing its magic now...

The Heather hate lumbers on, she'll never be "one of the bois"... :'(

Good Gawd!!! We're back to Heather not soaping MV's ego up for her "little" podcasting start, wow, the butt hurt is endless in this one....same old "say my name" schtick. This from a guy who admits he has 40-60 listeners at any given time....heh... ::)

Azz expects to be banned again. MV agrees, "the committee is making decisions"...changes horses on anger and thinks it's cool now, lol! :o

VC calls Az "human shit scum", MV loves his voice, bizarre. Tells Azz not to dox any more, but it was ZaZa's doing and he's banned, so...the buttering up ensues...

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Why was it so important to get a confession of guilt over an offhand joke taken out of context? Were the voodoo dolls, castration, aerosol AIDS etc real too? Somebody got butthurt


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Re: The GabCast
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Satire, one man's humor is another man's butt hurt - we may have to step things up a notch and turn Dr. Wouter Bosson loose on 'em next...