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« on: March 13, 2020, 05:15:25 pm »
Oh Noory's contract, um...well...the news is not good:


Tuesday, Premiere Networks announced an exclusive long-term agreement with Noory to renew and extend his relationship with the company.

"I first partnered with Premiere Networks to host 'Coast to Coast AM' in 2003, and I'm excited to carry the torch for years to come," Noory stated, according to a Premiere Networks announcement. "I want to thank the incredible team at Premiere and my amazing show staff, who have been with me since this remarkable journey started."

I wish there was a hard number on that, but it sounds so hopelessly open-ended... :'(

I have no idea is Syrett would be cheaper, but his interviewing and prep skills are far better. In addition he's not wow'd by woo, nor does he genuflect to it. in many ways he's like a more inquisitive Knapp, sans the obvious tie-in to Bigelow and the TTSA crowd.