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Dave Darin is banned!
« on: June 12, 2020, 07:52:20 pm »
His "no surrender" and "not taking a knee" show that seems to have done the deed:

Want a timely podcast - talk to Dave!

Re: Dave Darin is banned!
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2020, 08:55:31 pm »

I AM NOT AMERICAN (what WAS it like to BE an AMERICAN) or more accurately WHO ARE TODAYS AMERICANS.

We ARE a people that disrespects the logic of adults with PreExisting Conditions who can and will make intelligent health decisions BUT we isolate millions to protect those logical few.

Who are our American business people. Arizona venues (music stages) are now asking patrons IF they should stay opened as some cities in Arizona mandate face mask. THEY are asking, THEY ARE ASKING PERMISSION TO STAY OPENED???? Business owners who established these businesses are NOW asking others to make their business decisions for them.

Businesses have shut down, initially due to the virus now due to fears of CRIMINAL vandalism where police now kneel to criminals and allow crimes, violence, and terror to be the law of the land.

This country has settled, settled for the worst common denominator of Socialism.

How can anyone vote for anyone but Trump this year. Any other vote is a vote towards communism. We have lost our freedoms, lost our integrity, lost our businesses, lost our mind, lost our integrity, lost our reasoning, lost our families, extended hate, violence, and terror, eliminated law and order, and FULLY allowed the WRONG leaders to take power, UNCONTROLLED power, and UNCHALLENGED power.

We are defeated and I am even more stunned at how relaxed people are as their power of FREEDOM is eliminated.

We have lost our country, we have lost the symbol of strength and liberty that once WAS AMERICA. We are now KNEELING to terrorist, APPROVE of terrorist, we PROTECT terrorist, we EMPOWER terrist AND WE PROUDLY AND WILLINGLY GET ON OUR KNEES TO TERRORIST AND ENABLE TERRORISM.

I, Dave Darin, am now NOT AMERICAN as my values are no longer present in the country were I was born. I AM NOT AMERICAN!!!!! I repeat, I AM NOT AN AMERICAN!!!!!!