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I've downloaded it but it sits in play cue, maybe we'll chat on it next week?

Yeah, totally!

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I'll preload the monologue, trimmed to the key points:

We have seen also another increase of near earth objects and massive bolides exploding in our atmosphere which only adds to circumstantial evidence that perhaps we are on the midst of some alien incursion drill and that we should be paying attention to celestial events that seem a bit out of the ordinary.

I have stated many times that one of the books that most impressed me about the cosmic relationship between man and alleged extraterrestrials is “Gods of Eden” be William Bramley. Bramley was a war historian and not a believer in UFO’s or aliens for that matter, but as he did his research he began to see patterns over time.

Those patterns dealt with cataclysmic cycles of natural disasters, pestilence and war and how they were coincidentally entangled with massive UFO sightings and speculation about possible alien invasion.


We are being told to practice social distancing and the slow dehumanizing of the people much like what was seen in the film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” The loss of our humanity in that film was caused by alien spores that turn into pods that transform loving and empathetic humans into apathetic pawns that wish to distance themselves from their loved ones and become one of the herd in the alien hive mind.

In the movie, Prometheus, the extraterrestrial engineers of Earth, had decided that their creation needed to be killed or culled. There is no particular reason given in the film as to why this was the case however a scientific team had learned that a black oily substance was created as some sort of bio-warfare agent to be unleashed on Earth to kill the inhabitants.


The question for one of the biologists is “Why do these beings want us dead, and how can I change their minds so that they won’t unleash some alien substance on the planet that would kill billions of people.”


The syndicate develops a vaccine that we are told protects us from the alien virus, however, later it is revealed that the vaccine can be triggered to be a lethal agent that can cull undesirables before the final invasion.

This is a metaphor of the current technocratic health system that seems to be aiding in what can be called the “Sixth Extinction.” This is the culling of humans in order to yield more resources for the elite that are organizing their globalist technocracy.

The main value that exists in the technocratic paradigm of medicine is separation. There is the principle of separation that states things are better understood outside of their context, that is, divorced from related objects or persons. Techno-medicine continually separates the individual into component parts, the process of reproduction into constituent elements, and experience of childbirth from the flow of life. But first and foremost, it separates the human body from the human mind.

The process begins with social distancing, eliminating the need for sexual procreation, and the eventual goal of zero population growth. Bringing the planet to what can be called a desired population total.


Health care, DNA databases, genetics directives, and groups that have the power over life and death are now being put into play and people are now listening to them because they are declaring that they are the only ones who can provide the antidote.

The plan is the culling, the new race under surveillance, and the alien infiltration.

Of course the events do not have to happen in that order.


A genome that can be tampered with and re-sequenced to mutate the population or even create genetically sequenced diseases that can weaken us until we have no choice but to fall into a pit of despair and surrender our control to the technocrats. We now can introduce foreign genes into the embryos of mice, cows, sheep, and pigs for, there’s no technological reason to suggest that it can’t be done in humans too.

There is no technological reason why alien DNA cannot be introduced to the genome.

So be it by cometary panspermia, DNA alteration, sexual experimentation, whatever the does start to feel like this alien ant farm is in RESET mode, doesn't it?