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But is the "devil" a "screen icon" selling gluttony and all manner of sins, as opposed to Lucifer himself,  the light bearing angel?

Not sure.

I find it well nigh impossible to take Crowley or LaVey's word on anything Azz, they were indeed tools of the dark side and as such they are compelled to lie to any and all.

Oh, most certainly.

Those guys are straight up CLOWNS, bro!

I guess I like to familiarise myself with the enemy enough to know how to defeat it.

I proudly denounce the devilish DeCON and all his wicked associates!!!

*genuflects and makes the sign of the cross*

As to the Q'ran:

Oh, true. I never meant to excuse the behaviour of a kiddie fiddler by any stretch. I just meant, that if you read the Qur'an there are some similarities ... albeit somewhat slim in specific places.

Would a loving God build a planetary one room schoolhouse for the incarceration of so many souls at so many divergent evolutionary and ethical and sexual precipices?

Now that's the question ... to which I have NO ANSWER.

Is the physical realm the doing of other darker forces, forces determined to cull the wheat from the chaff from souls confined to a wasting meat tube of suspect spinal origins?

Very possibly so, yes.