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Wowzers! So that's what that nifty contraption is! A "brain sensing headband". Whatever next!

But you're right Azz, one need not meditate formally if stillness can be found, embraced in quiet contemplation at the beach, park, or even in thoughtful work.

It was never my intention to downplay the positive effect that meditation has on many people's lives - but I know you know that I was simply exploring other ways of finding stillness and peace

Think of it along the lines of the hypnagogic state which we all exist in. Also known as waking hypnosis. The trance that allows us to drive to and from work without ever recalling what was on the road or how we got there. That's an hypnotic state.

Have you ever watched this pitcher?

Highly recommend (if not).

Meditation (which is not hypnosis) can also be accomplished while active:

YOU may already be meditating and merely chafing at a the formal definitives presented.

you sir have hit the nail on the head

Be it biofeedback (Muse) or observation meditation (FHU) or breath counting (Yoga) or mantra (TM) there are many paths to quelling the noisy internal dialog and entraining the left and right hemispheres to function as one.

You get this, obviously. Nice podcast!

Hey, thanks!