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Vision Four -

Heidi's right, of course, lol... ;)

All I asked Spooky (and Heidi) was why she finds value in being part of a stalker culture, that's it...

That was the awful, artless hammer of my Socratic inquiry, oh well..the question yet hangs like a pregnant ? over the twin gabs.

Such a simple question, such a trVthful question that in due time Aquarias divorced herself from Bart's stalker culture, never once deigning to cite my ban questions as elemental in her rettrat. One might think that DynaX, Mrs. C, Angie, and a few others have had their wakey wakey moments percolated through my simple old drip pot...

Bit I digress, your podcast amigo - yes VC (as you will see from the old Weiner post I revived) is still at it, still the most negative cop ever to be thrown off the force for tampering with evidence..uh huh...just ask him what happened after he sorted the evidence locker... :o