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Vision Two -

But is the "devil" a "screen icon" selling gluttony and all manner of sins, as opposed to Lucifer himself,  the light bearing angel? I find it well nigh impossible to take Crowley or LaVey's word on anything Azz, they were indeed tools of the dark side and as such they are compelled to lie to any and all.

Is there meaning in life?


Is it usually what we personally wanted or can enjoy?

Not always.

As to the Q'ran:

That Mohammed was a pedophile is not seriously disputed. It is not an opinion. Itís a fact. The Hadiths say clearly that Mohammed would fondle Aisha when she was a little girl (Bukhari 6:298), that he married her when she was 6 and consummated the relationship when he was 54 and she was 9 (Bukhari 7.62.88).

We call someone who does that a pedophile, and put them in prison. In Islamic societies, such practices are customary. The Koran states that Allah himself considered Mohammed to be the ideal man (Koran 68:4, 33:21).

Is it any surprise then to us that Islamic enclaves within Western societies have problems with pedophilia and child marriage?

It has become increasingly obvious that traditional Islamic culture is not compatible with the secular liberalism of the postmodern West, let alone the Christian foundations of our civilisation. The cultural Marxists have only been able to pretend that Muslims could seamlessly fit into the multikulti sludge our societies are becoming by using the power of the state to prevent us speaking truths about Islam and the culture it creates.

Since the New Left hippies conquered the culture and the Boomers threw away their heritage on the New Age hopium that maybe all of history was just a misunderstanding, Christians have been on the back foot in the public space.

And despite all these outrages, all these sacrileges and desecrations of our cultureís bedrock religious belief system, we Christians donít riot. We donít get violent. We donít drive over little kids with trucks.

Imagine there's no trucks
Rather than re-evaluate their universalist cult, the left always double down.
And neither should we. What we must do, however, is stop self-censoring when it comes to speaking the truth about the neo-Marxist ideology of those who rule us and the religions of those they have weaponised against us.

The calendar of saints in the cult of Western Marxism must be immune no more to criticism and scorn if we are going to have the free and open culture the New Left used to pretend to argue for. Martin Luther King was an alcoholic, wife-beating Marxist who loved having orgies with white women. Gandhi liked to sleep naked with his great-granddaughter, ate faeces and had views toward Africans akin to a KKK member. Marx was a drunken layabout who used his bourgeois status to father an illegitimate son with his maid, whom he ignored. Allen Ginsberg was a lifelong advocate for homosexual pedophilia. Obama was a gay cokehead in college, according to former classmates. And Hillaryís a murderous dike [no citation needed].

These are the talking points conservatives should have been using for the last 50 years to fight back against the leftís cultural revolution. Instead, the cucks on the fake right have provided a rearguard action for the leftist vanguard, holding the gains of the Marxists of a generation before.


Would a loving God build a planetary one room schoolhouse for the incarceration of so many souls at so many divergent evolutionary and ethical and sexual precipices?

Or is the physical realm the doing of other darker forces, forces determined to cull the wheat from the chaff from souls confined to a wasting meat tube of suspect spinal origins?