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Second stitch:


MUSE: The Brain Sensing Headband
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But you're right Azz, one need not meditate formally if stillness can be found, embraced in quiet contemplation at the beach, park, or even in thoughtful work.

Think of it along the lines of the hypnagogic state which we all exist in. Also known as waking hypnosis. The trance that allows us to drive to and from work without ever recalling what was on the road or how we got there. That's an hypnotic state.

Meditation ( which is not hypnosis) can also be accomplished while active:

Active meditation is a great way to factor some zen time into a busy day. Itís also the ideal way to meditate if youíre the type of person who canít sit still for too long. A couple of years ago, I did a Vedic meditation course. Itís an ancient type of meditation that requires you to sit still for 20 minutes, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Itís highly effective, but I wasnít able to stick with it in the long run because life got in the way. When I was meditating, however, the benefits were incredibleóI was more focused, less overwhelmed by life, work pressure or my inbox groaning under the weight of so many unread emails.
I felt lighter, calmer, and less on edge.

Luckily, itís possible to reach a meditative state when youíre in motion. I know this only too well. I was running the Copenhagen marathon in 2014 and I wonít go into details, but letís just say from mile two onwards I needed the toilet badly. My tummy wasnít right and even though a bartender let me use the facilities, I couldnít shake the need to go as I progressed along the race course. Then, the heavens opened. Every time I ran, I needed to go to the toilet, but walking in heavy rain, sodden through, was miserable. And so I focused on my breath and repeated the mantra just keep going over and over. I was in such a zone that I couldnít hear the playlist that was blaring in my ears or feel the rain pelting down. I just focused on putting one foot in front of the other, breathing and repeating my mantra.

Of course, weíre not all running marathons with dodgy stomachs, but life can be pretty overwhelming at times and while we donít all have the time to sit still and meditate, it is possible to be more mindful on the move. I spoke with two meditation experts Adreanna Limbachósenior teacher at NYC meditation studio MNDFL and Karunesh Bodhi, an Osho meditation facilitatoróto find out how we can incorporate active mediation into our day to day.

YOU may already be meditating and merely chafing at a the formal definitives presented. Be it biofeedback (Muse) or observation meditation (FHU) or breath counting (Yoga) or mantra (TM) there are many paths to quelling the noisy internal dialog and entraining the left and right hemispheres to function as one.

You get this, obviously. Nice podcast!